Education explains why it charges K1 to print teachers’ payslip


The Morobe education pay office is charging teachers K1 to print their online payslips from the Alesco system.
Salaries officer in-charge Norm Nabo said there was a high demand from teachers daily who wanted their payslips printed.  He added that printing took up their time, and also consumed paper and ink so they had to charge a K1 per print to subsidise costs.
Nabo said this in response to a frustrated teacher who claimed to have paid K5 for printing two payslips.
The teacher said before 2013, they got their payslips at their schools, which was effective, timely and did not cost them anything.
However, Nabo said the office only charged K1 for printing of pay slips on days other than Thursdays when their office attended to such matters.
Nabo said the office is too busy to give receipts to teachers who pay for their payslips. He said receipts may be provided in the future.
“It’s not an ongoing thing. We always try to print payslips freely for teachers and other public servants. We always try to assist teachers who do not have K1 for us to print their payslips. Printing must be seen as free service,” said Nabo.