Education gets new acting secretary

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The National, Friday June 21st, 2013


DR Michael Tapo has been named the new acting Education Secretary to replace Luke Taita who will be retiring from the public service.

Minister James Marape announced Tapo’s appointment yesterday in Port Moresby. 

Taita has spent 35 years in the department and nine months serving as acting secretary.

Marape said: “I have spoken to Taita on the position and he said he had reached his retirement age and did not consider re-applying for the position. 

“Tapo has been given the task by the Government to restructure the education system while awaiting the appointment of a new secretary. 

“I have been assured by the Public Service Commission under Sir Puka Temu that the country should know of its new education secretary in two months’ time. 

“The new acting secretary has a short time with more work to do and I want to see work done.” 

Taita thanked the minister and officials plus the media for their support during his term in office. 

“You all have contributed to being part of the growth of the education system with the aim of producing the highest quality education,” he said. 

Tapo said that he would like to see the Government’s expectations met.

“All partners in education (should be warned that) what the government has delegated to the department applies also to you. 

“I’d like to see that the government’s expectations met and the work that needs to be done, done.”