Education important, Hill says

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The National, Wednesday 24th April 2013


SCOTT Hill wants Papua New Guineans to know that education is far more important than sports.

The former Australian rugby league test and New South Wales star (pictured) who has waged a harrowing battle with depression since his retirement in 2008, wants to help young Papua New Guineans to know the importance of education.

The former Melbourne Storm star is the ambassador of the PNG Youth Link, promoting the work of the organisation in the country.

On his recent visit, he was given the opportunity to submit the Scott Hill Learn from Champions Literature and Mentoring Programme Proposal to the Papua New Guinea Department of Education.

The books aim to support the work of the education department.

He said he designed the two books for teachers and students with Australia rugby league coaches and captains as role models.

“This books will give kids in PNG the attributes the coaches and captains have, and to identify them in whatever they are good at be it sports or other professions,” Hill said.

He said the book for teachers gave a good understanding of the role in developing students and youth as mentors – just as coaches mentored players.

 “I played sports and was lucky to be paid but this cannot last forever,” he said. 

“So my message to students and youths of Papua New Guinea, is that education is more important than sports, however, the good thing is you can have them both,” he said.

“We can identify strength through sports. It gives the youths or students an ambition to identify their talents and attributes.”

Hill said his ultimate goal was to teach young sports people and students the importance of “all the attributes you get out of sports … that it can make you a success in your life”. 

He wants to be involved in a good programme and to get the maximum out of helping the youths of Papua New Guinea.

Hill is working in partnership with PNG Youth Link in designing a mentoring programme for teachers and youths, plus the training course that comes with. 

Hill said talent was endless in Papua New Guinea and it could provide a pathway for youths of this country. 

“Rugby League is what is loved in the country, but there are openings in other sports such as soccer, netball, AFL and rugby union.”