Education institute announces in-service training programme

Youth & Careers

Papua New Guinea Education Institute (PNGEI) will run a one-year in-service programme for elementary school teachers, an official says.
PNGEI’s elementary teacher training unit director Michael Mera said yesterday that the one-year in-service programme would enable certified elementary school teachers that have taught for more than 20 years to return to study at the PNGEI to upgrade their skills and qualifications through a diploma programme that would be introduced next year.
“Basically there will be pre-service and in-service components in terms of certification and offers. Components to be offered for the one-year in-service programme will be for those who have already endured pre-service,” Mera said.
Mera said the idea of pre-service and in-service components for elementary school teachers came about as a result of the continuous emphasis on quality teacher training to start off in teachers’ colleges by the Department of Education.
“The Department of Education emphasises quality teacher training,” Mera said.
“Quality teacher training has to be started off in colleges with quality programmes. This includes quality supervision and quality administration where the output is quality teachers emerging all over the country.”