Education institute needs urgent support


ONE of Papua New Guinea’s premier education institute is currently at its all-time low.
Despite being a premier institution, which by now would be the model school of excellence, Papua New Guinea Education Institute’s (PNGEI’s) current status is an absolute contradiction.
Despite provincial governments’ continued support in sponsoring their teachers and investments by the Government towards tuition fees and operational grants, the institution continues to harness the age old buildings, with limited or no signs of improvement.
Staff skip lectures leaving students in suspense while they cook up reasons to validate their absenteeism.
As we near the completion of this academic year, we are yet to receive our course books, which are the essence of our time at PNGEI.
Recently, a female student who suffered from food poisoning, was turned down by the school driver who was supposed to bring her to the hospital to receive treatment.
The administration undermines the student representative council’s requests for funding by limiting funding and diverting it to other purposes.
The food provided in the mess is just below standards.
That National Capital District health authority should investigate this as many students are having difficulties with their health.
Many are diagnosed with food poisoning.
The physical and electronic libraries are no help as all the books are outdated.
There are skeleton shelves and insufficient computers for students to use.
The institution is not providing standards when the current curriculum is standards-based.
As a student leader, I am appealing to the institution’s board, the Ombudsman Commission and the Office of the Auditor-General, including the police fraud squad, to look into the plight of the institution and carry out investigations.
If need be, make recommendations to overhaul the administration.
The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology and the Education Department have done nothing to help the institution.
Prime Minister James Marape, we need your urgent intervention towards this national gem as it has been the brain behind training of teachers since pre-independence and continues to offer relevant courses.
The institution is being abused by those in authority.
Change is needed to restore the institution to the level it is supposed be in.

Student Leader

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