Education is best remedy

The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

STUDENTS at the University of Papua New Guinea were supposed to resume classes on Tuesday this week as decided upon by the university council. Most parents are concerned about the future of their children attending UPNG and other state universities. They would like to see them successfully complete this academic year without further disturbances because they have invested heavily in them. Nobody owns these higher learning institutions, which do not belong to certain ethnic groups. Our state universities belong to the country and our people. To harass, deprive and threaten students who want to resume class is illegal and not in the best interest of parents and sponsors. On behalf of all concerned parents and sponsors across the country and overseas, I call on the student leaders to stand down to enable the smooth transition of the final semester of the 2016 academic year to resume and proceed to completion successfully.
– Concerned Relative,
Port Moresby