Education is life


MOST people understand education as matter of read and write, which is just a portion of what it really is.
It is very important to have a deeper understanding of what education really is.
Education is a lifetime process with no true beginning or ending.
Education consists of experience, environment, socialisation and communication.
According to John Dewey; “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”
It is through education that you can change the face of the world.
It very important to mankind because it is used to mitigate most of the challenges faced in life.
The knowledge that is attained through education helps open doors to a lot of opportunities for better prospects in career growth.
Education is life.
Take it or leave it.

Rigo Melo


  • Education is reparation for life;Because if you learn you will get a job and then money and then you get food ,if you get food you get a life

  • Education a helps an individual develop personally, socially as well as economically. According to Plato, ‘education is a limelight to development. he regard education as a means to achieve justice both Individual justice and social justice’ he further stated that the creation of a perfect state depended on the destruction of ignorance and selfishness.

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