Education officer made things worse

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TWO of my children are attending the the Aiyura National High School (NHS) this year.
We stay in the 4-Mile area in Kainantu.
My children were badly affected by the Aiyura crisis last July but they are still at the strife-torn school.
It has cost me a lot of money, resources, effort, time, etc, to have them educated.
It is easy to point fingers at the incumbent principal, the administration, staff, students, governing council, opportunists, etc, the havoc started from an expelled student unlawfully returning to the school’s premises where he was prohibited, according to school rules.
To be honest, it was evident that the ousted principal, administration and governing council had done a lot to maintain its standard and, more importantly, the superior academic performances.
However, according to my children’s reports, my observation and assessment of the crisis, there are evidence to confirm that an official from the EHP education office has worsened the crisis.
This is because the person’s words, responses, approaches, reactions and whispers with a few frosty staff, has set the tone and voice that encouraged and empowered rowdy students and a handful of opportunists to throw the academically reputable school to the dogs.
As a senior person, this official would have done well to consult with the school administration, governing council of Aiyura NHS, national education authorities in Waigani, the local MP and other stakeholders instead of adding more fuel to the fire.
I have personally seen the damage inflicted on the aging school’s properties and, as a result, many students, including my children, have missed a lot of lessons, staff losing their jobs, etc.
I am disappointed with the approach and the manner in which the officer conducted himself.
The person’s poor handling of the situation has let the students down badly.
There is absolute chaos in Aiyura NHS right now and the on-again, off-again efforts by the caretaker administration are not helping anyone.
I call on the Education Department in Waigani to send someone senior to resolve this issue once and for all.

Disappointed parent