Education probe welcomed

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PEOPLE from the eastern end of Southern Highlands have praised Governor Anderson Agiru for appointing a committee to look into the provincial education system.
They claimed the education system there was deteriorating and this was shown in the declining Grade 12 marks scored by its students over the years.
They said the committee would help to uncover underlying issues and to build the resource-rich province’s human resource.
Spokesperson David Nema said the approach taken by the governor was a relief to thousands in the province.
He said many problems had affected the performance of students over the past decade and the initiative was a positive step.
Nema said last year students had performed so badly the province had been ranked as one of the poorest performing in the country.
He said parents and guardians were the ones who suffered the most after struggling to pay school fees and buying necessities for children often dropped out as a result of low marks.
Nema said the concern was the delay by provincial administration to release results of  committee findings.
He said it had been four months since the governor announced the committee in January, and with students now beginning the second term, nothing constructive had been released on the issue.