Education reform wins support


I acknowledge the Education Department for introducing the one-six-six Education System in PNG. However, my greatest fear is the proposed plan to do away with the examinations of grades 6, 8 and 10 if I am correct.
It results in laziness and incompetency.
The education system will be very weak.
Most employers and even State agencies like Royal PNG Constabulary, PNG Defence Force and Correctional Service still value Grade 12 certificates in terms of recruitment.
When we do away with examinations, there is no value to the Grade 12 certificate.
Anybody can relax out and obtain a copy.
There’s no proper filtration process in the education system.
I am baffled.
Is this another idea of the Government in eliminating all neces-
ary costs involved in producing and facilitating examinations throughout the country to recover the economy?
One-six-six is good and timely and must be implemented in other provinces too as soon as possible.

Endebange 7091
West Taraka