Education reforms underway: Official


Education reforms in New Ireland is currently being implemented in phases, according to director for Education Wesley Siangat.
He said the reform would see students spend three years in early childhood learning, six years in primary level and six years in secondary level.
Siangat briefed the provincial executive council about the status of the education reform in New Ireland.
He said the curriculum reform was into its fifth year.
Siangat said the reform was a change from the outcome-based curriculum to standard-based curriculum.
“Training workshops have been conducted to selected secondary teachers and more training is expected before the end of the year,” he said.
According to a statement from the New Ireland government, there are eight secondary schools and three high schools, with an enrolment of over 18,000 students.
Next year, New Hanover, Tanir and Nasko High schools are expected to enrol their first grade 11 classes.
“This will change their status to secondary,” Siangat said.
“By next year, New Ireland will have 11 secondary schools giving greater access to students attain higher secondary school certification in the province.”