Education strategic plan discussed

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THE Education Department has again led the way by holding its first meeting on the education sector’s strategic plan to complement the Government’s PNG Vision 2050 which was launched by the Government last week.
Adviser to the Prime Minister’s Department and National Executive Council, (NEC), Paul Songo, who is also education sector National Strategic Plan task force chairman, told the technical working team at the meeting last Thursday that the mindset of the team must be committed to making PNG smart, wise, vibrant and happy society by 2050.
Mr Songo said human development had been marked as the first pillar of the National Strategic Plan and he challenged the department to familiarise itself with the status of education in all the provinces in the country if it was serious about achieving the PNG Vision 2050 directives.
“One size does not fit all,” he said.
“We have to know the age groups of the school enrolments in the elementary, primary and secondary sector in each province as well as the number of teachers required, facilities to build and costing, curriculum and standards requirements and other supporting services,” he added.
He challenged the department to begin working now towards achieving universal basic education by 2019 and to have a clear vision of where they are at the end of the year.
Mr Songo said the current policies and practices were not fully implemented because of the vast diversity in the development priorities of individual provinces.
He commended Education secretary Dr Joseph Pagelio for showing that the department was serious in achieving the PNG Vision 2050, encouraging it to promote values that would enable young people to think for themselves and to become smarter and wiser.
Mr Songo said he was pleased to note the inclusion of young people in the committee, to bring in fresh and vibrant ideas to the more experienced members of the team.
Meanwhile, Dr Pagelio said the technical working team would generate a concept paper containing a set of ideas to guide the task force in developing a framework for the department’s National Strategic Plan.