Educational excursion to Lae’s Mainland Holding’s croc farm

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 15th, 2013

 TEACHERS of the Salvation Army School in Lae, Morobe, had a special treat last Wednesday when they visited Mainland Holdings Crocodile Farm at 8-Mile.

It was all part of their in-service training during the holidays.

Mainland Crocodile Farm is the world’s largest and leading salt water crocodile farm. 

An essential part of the species and habitat preservation programme in the Sepik wetlands, the farm exports 

top grade crocodile skins to Hermes, in Paris, France, and Horiuchi 

Trading, which tans skins in Tokyo for premier Japanese fashion houses, including Yamaguchi. 

The crocodile meat abattoir meets the exacting standards required to export to Australia and this top quality and healthy meat can now be found in local supermarkets.

“As part of our in-service training programme for this week we decided to visit the crocodile farm,” teacher Shirley Kalasi said.

“It was only for enrichment purposes. 

“It was exciting to see all these live crocodiles. 

“The baby crocodiles were flown in from Ambunti, in East Sepik, to Lae where they are being bred.”