Efficient contract management is vital

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 18th April 2013

 THE government’s push for service delivery will 

not achieve its objective without efficient contract management.

From what I can see, 99% of goods and servi­ces deli­vered to government agencies are in one way or another through contract arrangement.

Whether formal or in­for­mal, written or verbal, there is an agreement to provide goods and servi­ces.

Provincial supply and tenders boards and the CSTB may have the pro­cesses and procedures, but from the many failed projects costing the nation millions of kina, it is evi­-dent they are not effective.

Some of the causes in­clude bribery and bias in the award of contracts.

If PNG were to expe­rience physical transformation, we need honest and God-fearing people to occupy key government positions.

It is not the processes and procedures that are failing us.

It is the people in positions of trust who fail us. 

This chronic problem 

is happening in front of our noses and we keep on ignoring it.

We should start blowing whistles for the good of our people and children. 

Remember, ignorance is our worst enemy right now.


Tobias I Joseph