Effort to control deforestation

National, Normal

The National, Friday 7th June 2013

 THE East New Britain provincial administration will continue to advise people to control deforestation and give back to the environment.

Adviser on primary industry, livestock and forestry, Blaise Magaga said they celebrated World Environment Day in the province by getting the communities and schools more responsible for their environment and practice some kind of control and management.

He said the new approach was more community-oriented with seedlings and other planting materials distributed to people to plant in their areas.

Magaga said the communities of Tanaka, Vunadidir, Toma Varzin Road and the hinterland areas were engaged in tree planting.

“The main objective is for the communities to realise the damage they have done to the environment and control soil erosion,” he said.

Magaga said the sector had an awareness campaign to educate people on reforestation.