Ehari wants change

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013

 JULIETTE Ehari is one of three women candidates who have put their hands up to contest the Kerema town mayor’s post against 15 men.

She has extensive experience as a women leader in the province, rising as high as acting governor of Gulf in 2008, and is not new to the province’s politics.

But this time she wants change for her province, and goes to the polls with simple objectives.

 She wants to ensure Kerema town changes and improvements in all sectors of the provincial economy realised.

“Public amenities and other social services that have been lacking in our provincial capital must be installed,” Ehari said.

“I want to see multi-national companies operating in Gulf to establish their offices in the capital.”

She has 30 years experience as a women’s advocate and later as the women’s representative in the Gulf provincial government from 2000 to 2007.

“I want to see changes taking place in Kerema town, the capital of Gulf, to show that the much-talked about gas and oil developments are actually being realised and seen in physical infrastructural changes,” she said.