EHP on the lookout for esapees

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GOROKA police have established a special ‘task team’ to be on alert to apprehend notorious prison escapee William Nanua Kapris and 10 others on the run.
Telikom PNG has boosted the efforts of the new team with a toll free telephone line for the public with information regarding Kapris and other escapees.
The toll free numbers are 532 3292 (landline) and bemobile numbers 73440044 and 73440040.
“Any member of the public with information on Kapris and the escapees must call these numbers.
“Their identities will be kept confidential,” Eastern Highlands provincial police commander Chief Supt Augustine Wampe told The National yesterday.
He said they initiated the task team to collect information on the escapees in case they were in the Eastern Highlands.
He said one of the key people aiding their escape from Bomana, Kimoi Kinsley, was from Unggai-Bena and was said to be the driver of the getaway vehicle.
“Since he (Kinsley) is an Eastern Highlander, we are fully aware that he has got relatives here and we believe that some of these escapees, including Kapris, who have the money to get away are likely to end up here (Goroka/ EHP),” Chief Supt Wampe said.
 He said the task team was working round the clock, adding that it was a national security issue where public cooperation was required.
Chief Supt Wampe said executives of banks and businesses houses in Goroka and Kainantu towns should not respond to any military uniformed persons, especially after hours.
“You will never know whether they are genuine members of the military force or criminals.
“The trend of crime these days has changed and I urge them to be cautious and be on alert all the time,” he said.