EHPG must rid marijuana plants, usage

Letters, Normal

The Nationl, Monday 10th September, 2012

I WAS in Eastern Highlands for the past two months and it was an eye opener for me.
I have never seen so many people planting ma­ri­juana and consuming it.
One thing I find most appalling is its use in public places.
I was shocked to find marijuana being planted just like any flowering plants in many suburbs.
This has led me to wonder just how many plants must have been grown in the outbacks.
The growers and users involved all age groups regardless of sex even though they know the harmful effects.
I believe the authorities are turning a blind eye on this problem.
It is demeaning to the local people and visitors.
It is being sold openly just like any commodity.
As a result, pot users from other provinces are flooding into EHP to buy the drug.
It is time the provincial government does something about this.

Local Tourist
Port Moresby