Eight receive safety training for high risk areas, programme eyes more

Youth & Careers

EIGHT workers from Lae’s machinery and engineering industry graduated earlier this month with certificates on safety and operation of machinery and equipment in high risk areas.
Pacific Cranes and Engineering Company (PCE) presented certificates and permits to Markham Culverts (MC) employees who underwent six days of industrial training to operate forklifts and overhead bride cranes on Oct 4.
MC human resource and finance manager Cecilia Job said the company valued the safety and welfare of its employees and wanted them trained and skilled to do their jobs well.
“MC is serious with compliance issues and wants its workers to be protected while at work and return home safely to their families each day,” she said.
Job thanked PCE for partnering with MC to train and improve their workforce.
“We are proud of this achievement given the size of the business,” he said. “In allowing our employees to be up-skilled, we can now anticipate a more safer, efficient and productive workforce.”
PCE director and operations manager Sam Ale praised Markham Culverts management for investing in its national employees.
He encouraged the recipients of the certificates to use their newly-acquired skills and knowledge for the benefit of the company and their own professional development.
“PCE remains committed to providing high risk work training in all sectors throughout the country and forward for such engagements.”