Ela Motors launches new Toyota seven-seater sports SUV


A NEW Toyota SUV (sports utility vehicle) is now on the market after it was launched on Thursday.
It may not be big, but it is packed with features and can also seat seven people.
Ela Motors believes the new Rush will be perfect for young families looking for a car but are on a tight budget.
The seven-seater is priced at about K110,000 but with the new tax reduction announcement by the government, it will be significantly less.
“There are not many SUVs that has similar features,” Ela Motors general manager (retail) Ashley Huston said.
“It is a seven-seater and has dual air-conditioning. It has air bags for passengers and the driver, a higher ground clearance, keyless entry, has 13 bottle holders, and comes in six different colours.”
Meanwhile, commenting on the supply of foreign exchange (forex) in the country, Ela Motors chief executive Keiichiro Kuwabara said the biggest issue for the company was watching the outcome of the country’s multiple mining projects.
“We are waiting for mining projects that are going on, that will affect the whole economy, and will affect our business as well,” he said.
“That’s the biggest issue for me.”
Kuwabara said the company’s annual revenue generated was just about enough to keep it going despite the current forex issues.
“This year’s revenues (obtained) has almost been the same as last year.
“Last year, we had Apec and we expected some drop down. But we were a little bit comfortable doing business, and it was better than we expected.
“We still feel that we have already hit the bottom, but by going forward we might expect some kind of growth,” Kuwabara said.

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