Ela Motors posts biggest sales in Lae

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The National, Wednesday June 18th, 2013

 ELA Motors made the biggest sales in Lae over the weekend after 50 years of business in Papua New Guinea, national operations manager Rob McKeon says.

He said: “This is the first-eversales in the country by the company, a first.

“We sold 30 Toyota vehicles, 20 outboard motors, generator sets, 26 sets of tyres and heaps of spare parts ranging from bullbar, wheels, service kits, clutch kits, brake kits and many more with free giveaways.

“We offered 60% discount on spare parts and 20% on vehicles.”

McKeon said everything had returned to normal prices yesterday.  

He said every month the Lae branch would provide free service to outboard motor owners at Voco Point beach front.

McKeon also said there would be a “super service special” during the middle of next month or beginning of August.

A man from Amoa village in Morobe got a Yamaha 75 horsepower worth K19,300 for only K14,900, McKeon said.