Ela Motors projects 30% hike in sales

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ELA Motors Toyota Tshusho (PNG) Ltd is projecting a 30% increase in its vehicle sales, with demand coming from the PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.
This was disclosed recently by chief executive David Purcell ( right)
He said there was a potential to increase sales by at least 30%.
“That is on indications we have at the moment we will need to import more vehicles to meet core business activities and the LNG project,” Mr Purcell said.
“So we are at the moment looking at an escalation of our business or something in the order of 30% over the next year and half to two years.”
He said at present, Toyota cornered about 57% of the total vehicle market in the country.
Mr Purcell, speaking from a point of a car dealer, said the increase in the number of vehicles on city roads was an indication of the progress within societies.
“We see that in five to 10 years’ time, the new vehicle units PNG will probably be in excess of 12,000 units to 15,000 units per year.
“Currently, it is around 6,000 so the next five to 10 years it will probably double”.
Mr Purcell said in terms of societies developing and the country going to the next stage of a very successful past, this was progress and it brought with it challenges, the benefits, and the successes.
Recently, Mr Purcell disclosed Ela Motors’ indirect venture into the LNG project as one of its two objectives.
Its main objective is to look after the people who have looked after and supported Ela Motors for the last 46 years.
The company’s LNG team led by a project manager and a coordinator in the departments of sales, parts and service, will take care of its LNG style of the business.
This, Mr Purcell said, was an investment in the staff.
He said they had 16 branches across the country.