ELC-PNG gather food for synod

Lae News, Normal

TWO workboats will start operations today along either side of the Huon Gulf picking up garden food for the Evangelical Lutheran of PNG (ELC-PNG) synod which begins in Lae this weekend.
The chairman of the synod organising committee Titi Solomon said the two boats will call into various villages along the way, one from Finschhafen towards Lae and the other from the Morobe patrol post area towards Salamaua and then on to Lae.
Meanwhile, vehicles will make their way down from Wau on one side and Kaiapit on the other bringing food for the synod.
huge amounts of food, pigs and cattle are expected to be assembled at the ELC-PNG headquarters at Ampo and then distributed to the various institutions which are hosting almost 1,000 delegates expected to travel in from the 17 districts of the church spread across the nation.
The delegates will be accommodated at Balob Teachers’ College, Busu Secondary School, Martin Luther Seminary
and the Malahang
Technical Secondary School.
Food gathering has always been a major part of the synod preparations with the hot district – Jabem- calling up all its circuits and parishes to bring in food to feed the delegates.
Garden planted over the past 12 months are now being harvested, packed and ready to be moved to Lae for the synod.