ELC-PNG launches two new policies for church

Lae News, Normal


ELC-PNG yesterday launched two policies.          
These were vision 2020 and its first HIV/AIDS policy.
The policies were presented to the 27th National synod and witnessed by more than 3,000 delegates, observers and spectators.
At the launching of the vision 2020, acting head bishop Zau Zapa urged all members of ELC-PNG to read the vision and understand it.
“This is the vision that will guide the church in the next 10 years, on what the church will do, especially in each department such as finance, education and social concerns, among others,” he said.
“A total of 8,000 copies of both policies will be printed and distributed to all parishes in all circuits of the 17 districts of the Lutheran church in PNG.
Therefore, I encourage you all to read and understand them,” he said.
Rev Rapa also acknowledged the late bishop Kigasung saying “he talked much about these policies and was very instrumental in them and we are now seeing the fruits of it.”
The other was the first ELC-PNG HIV/AIDS policy.
According to the church’s general secretary Issac Teo, “ELC-PNG has recognised this as a global threat and wants to take its stand in fighting this disease.”
Some of the key issues that the church would look into are extensive education and awareness within the church, its workforce and their families.
He urged leaders in the church to take ownership of the policy and to establish good networks with other faith-based organisations, civil societies, NGOs and government agencies.
Minister for Health Sasa Zibe, who was present to witness the occasion, applauded the effort of the church in their response to HIV/AIDS.
“I am very happy to see that the church is also taking a stand in this fight and I give assurance that the Heath Department and the National AIDS Council secretariat will give its full support to work with the church,” he said.