ELC-PNG needs a major clean-up

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, June 20, 2011

I REFER to your report “Lutheran laymen cited in bad deal” (June 14).
The pathetic leadership of the ELC-PNG is being advertised to the whole world.
There are guidelines but no one is bothered to follow them.
We need district bishops who are learned and well-versed with the church’s constitution to resolve all outstanding issues at the Ampo headquarters.
What is there to gain from airing their dirty laundry in the media?
Many Lutherans have lost their trust in the district bishops as they do not know how to look at the bigger picture.
It has become fashionable in recent years for bishops to run quickly to the judiciary to find answers to their problems without understanding that divisions of powers between the state and church, and the powers to discipline, remove and correct are all in the Bible.
When are the bishops going to implement what they preach?
They have ignored their duty as office holders and are covering up their wrong-doing with cheap grace by “acting good” in the eyes of the public instead of implementing grace that is sacrosanct to the cross.
This church has no place for man-made laws and constitutions but the Word of God which is supposed to be used without fear and favour by district bishops. 
The Lutheran church needs a major clean-up and a new reformation to tackle problems with new instruments.
The clean-up must start from Ampo and down to the congregations.


Pr Igorir S. Saul