ELC-PNG resolutions

Faith, Normal


DURING the 27th Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCPNG), the following resolutions were adopted.
* Gay and lesbian marriages are forbidden; 
* Gays and lesbians are forbidden from being blessed to carry out any church work and are not allowed to take the Holy Communion;
* The establishment of a leadership code for pastors and church officials will be enforced by a church ombudsman;
* Work on the establishment of the proposed Lutheran University must be sped up and a K10 million grant from the National Government, which is sitting in a trust account in Port Moresby, be transferred to the church immediately for this purpose;
* The church will appoint its own university planning committee;
* Certified financial reports of church owned companies will be given to the church council for inspection and then distributed to all districts;
* The church will engage the expertise of professional Lutherans in the various professions to run the businesses of the church;
* More resources and support will be given to strengthen the work of stewardship throughout the church;
* The church will worked closely with the government, mining and gas companies to ensure that the people’s interests are looked after;
* The church will continue to strengthen its programmes to support victims of violence against women and children;
* The church will reinstate its subsidies to church institutions training pastors and other workers;
* False prophets have become such a problem that the synod has agreed to refer this matter to its theological committee to investigate and report back to the synod; and
* Help members to deal with the problem of tribal fights and sorcery.