ELCPNG holds rehearsals for synod opening

Lae News, Normal

IF Sunday’s  rehearsal service for the official opening ceremony of next year’s Evangelical Lutheran church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG) synod is anything to go by, then the organising committee of the very important event has a lot more work to do.
And members of the Lutheran church from the Jabem and Lae districts have been called on to step forward to help complete all arrangements for the synod within the remaining available time.
Apart from preparing the venue for the synod, the organising committee has exactly 68 days to polish up the opening ceremony programme to precision.
Sunday’s rehearsal got off to a slow start.
People were kept waiting under the heat of the sun to get into the main arena of the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium for the opening ceremony.
Many were frustrated at having to wait for so long and could not hear what officials were saying over the loud hailer.
The activities inside were further delayed for sometime before getting off the ground.
With the hot sun the public grew impatient with the way the programme was flowing.
By the time the main service had ended people, started leaving instead of waiting for the official speeches.
It was obvious that the programme needs to be controlled so that it runs on time and ensured it maintains the interest of the people.
One observation from the rehearsal is that the seats on the grandstand of the stadium may not be enough to cater for the number of people expected at the ceremony.
Even the official dais erected in the middle of the stadium grounds needs to be expanded to cater for more church VIPs and important guests on the day.
The chairman of the next year’s synod organising committee, Titi Solomon, yesterday challenged the whole Lutheran community to stand together and ensure that all preparations for the synod were completed for the start of the synod.
Temporary huts needed to accommodate the thousands of delegates who are expected to attend the synod are yet to be erected.
With the festive season now approaching, the organising committee is anxious to have all work done by Christmas in readiness for the start of the synod next Jan 10.
Sunday’s open air service coincided with the annual Reformation Day service – the service commemorating the day Dr Martin Luther founded the new church in Germany on Oct 30, 1517.