Election awareness an act of solid faith

Letters, Normal

The National, Thuresday 12th January 2012

ELECTION awareness must be taken by faithful Christians as an act of faith.
It starts with an individual not accepting bribery of any form. Bribery is now integrated through incentives of corruption.
Corruption is a direct result of extreme poverty at all levels of society.
Incentives for corruption range from unemployment to lawlessness.
I get annoyed when Christians intentionally intimidate voters and practise double voting, and then seek forgiveness from Jesus Christ. Although you are forgiven, you will live with that guilt for the next five years.
If you are a faithful Christian and have attended election awareness training, I urge you to share your knowledge with fellow citizens. The basics of limited preferential voting (LPV), enrolment and good governance should be shared with those in most need of such information.
Failure to share knowledge and information with our neighbours is against our Christian obligations. We will be judged accordingly if we are not true to our Christian duties and obligations.
Money has restricted Christians from sharing electoral information with others. We always want to be paid in order to deliver electoral and civic awareness. All Christians do not need money to share the good news of election because it is our obligation.
Churches should unite and motivate their followers to share the virtues of joy, peace, and love during every Sabbath or Sunday service. All faithful Christians must unite in prayer that no one will lose their lives during the general election 2012.
Being Christian role models in the community does not cost an individual any money, and should be advocated at all levels of the society. As role models we become the light of the spirit of truth to others. We become the agents of truth that dispel all evil forces which deprive our communities of much needed services.
Our actions will be testimony to the good deeds that contribute to community peace and harmony. A peaceful community will produce highly respected leaders at all levels of political leadership.
All Christians must unite and share the truth that voting is a God-given gift that makes us more powerful to elect good leaders that are God-fearing and ready to serve. Voting avoids manipulation by the rich and powerful by giving power to the people to hold their leaders accountable through the offices they hold.
The Inner Spirit of Truth influences us to elect the right leader. If we make the right choice without fear and intimidation, we will experience inner peace.
We will be at peace because we can connect spiritually with a God-fearing leader. PNG needs God-fearing leaders to implement the Vision 2050 and guide us to our true position in world politics.
Finally, priests, pastors, and other church leaders must not use the positions they hold to influence voters. There has been a long standing debate that politics and religious life must not conflict each other.
PNG political history has shown that voters relate more easily with their church leaders.
Having been trapped in a Christian patronage culture, voters favour their pastors and priests over their rivalries.
Although it is an individual choice to contest in any electorate, church leaders should not use their roles as platforms to launch their political careers. Any church leader that opts to contest an election must disassociate himself or herself from any current religious responsibilities to avoid any conflict with his or her congregations.

John Watmelik