Elections in 2012, not 2011

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am disgusted to witness pre-election campaigning gaining momentum in the highlands region, especially in Gumine district, where I come from.
Goods and cash handouts are given to the people at social gatherings and youth sports activities.
Intending candidates are making their presence felt a year before the general election.
They have only one objective and that is to convince the people to vote them next year.
It is interesting indeed to see such activities being conducted by some wanna-be politicians.
Their hidden agenda should not motivate the public to follow them.
It is time the people evaluate the long-term economic and social development plans that are taking place in the district.
The people of today do not possess the strong minds like our forefathers.
We can see for ourselves whether the incumbent MP has delivered and what has yet to be done.
If the incumbent failed to deliver, then change the MP by all means but not until next year, so have patience.


Yobale Houstin