Elections shamed by rampant fraud, violence

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 26th, 2012

THIS year’s general election has been a nightmare and the worst since independence.
It is totally unbelieveable for a candidate to win 8,000 to 10,000 votes while others received only 2,000 or less.
If we break it down to each electorate, we will notice that the voting population and the common roll names do not match the votes collected in that community.
There were also many illegal interferences.
Various kinds of fraud and cheating were carried out to increase the number of votes for a particular candidate, or to reduce the share of another.
Not enough, ballot boxes were hijacked and stuffed with forged ballots or simply destroyed.
In many instances, voters were prevented from casting their ballot.
There was also violence whereby voters from a particular  clan or supporters would threaten others to either vote for their candidate or not vote at all.
Some polling stations were attacked.
Polling places in an area known to support a particular party or candidate were targeted for vandalism, destruction or threats.
As a result, many people could not vote or simply stayed away for fear of their safety.
Vote-buying was rampant.
People were given cash or rewards for voting for a particular candidate.
There were also people who went about spreading false information to affect the outcome of an election.
I would rate this general election our worst and a total failure.

Port Moresby