Electoral body outlines 2012 plan

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The National – Friday, December 10, 2010

ELECTION is everybody’s business and it is important to improve the integrity of the common roll to open up the electoral process to the people of PNG to be aware and take ownership of the system.
Deputy commissioner for corporate service of the PNG Electoral Commission (PNGEC), Steven Yakali said this on behalf of Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen at the opening the PNGEC stakeholders’ forum to review its corporate plan in Port Moresby yesterday.
Yakali said it was the key document for planning, management and delivery of electoral services and provided EC staff, clients and stakeholders with a clear picture of PNGEC’s goals, objectives, strategies, and performance measures for enhancing the future delivery of electoral services. 
“The 2012 National Election will be a cornerstone event in PNG’s vibrant democracy as it moves forward in a period of sustained growth and opportunity,” he said.
Yakali said the  PNGEC vision was to uphold a professionally run statutory authority striving for excellence in the planning and conduct of free, fair and safe elections , adding that  it was in line with Vision 2050.
According to the deputy commissioner operations, the commission would look at promoting the role of women to make them participate more actively in the 2012 general election, adding there would also be designated polling areas for women.
He said this was done to address certain issues and promote gender equality, adding that with the review of the PNGEC corporate plan, the manpower of the commission was now increased from 54 to 78 people.
EC’s mission was to work with the community, government authorities, media and civil society to plan and conduct free, fair and safe elections in PNG.