Electricity for Central

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 1st, 2013

 THE Koiari local level government has endorsed K13.5 million for rural electrification and mini hydro electrification projects for rural communities in Central.

President and council chairman Ogi David tabled the project for endorsement days before he went for the LLG elections to defend his seat.

He told an executive meeting there were several major infrastructure projects that the LLG had initiated under the public private partnership (PPP) arrangement that needed to be endorsed.

“All projects’ documentation is in now place.

“All it needs is the council’s blessing for our partners to push the documentation for funding,” David said.

The projects include : 

  • Agefa, Avatete, Vesubewai, Vorini and Pom Stone villages, Goldie area, with a budget of K50,000; 
  • K3 million for Bisiatabu-Vesulogo/Owers’ Corner in Sogeri; 
  • Koitaki-Doe (K4 million); 
  • Laloki-Brown River K4.5 million and,
  • Efogi rural hydro power, at Mt Koiari along the Kokoda Track has K1.5 million. 

“This rural electrification programme will be carried out by Koiari Power Consultant,” David said.

He said the feasibility studies and survey had been completed two years ago. 

“The first two phases of the project are ready for approval with our partners standing by to start working on funding,” he said.

“There is a qualified technical team working around the clock to get this project off the ground.

“It is a priority programme captured in the Koiari LLG five-year development plan.”

David said most of the funds would be sourced outside of the LLG.

“The Koiari LLG has funded the feasibility study and survey phases of the project.”

He announced that Flenicanar Ltd had been engaged to do project designing, scope of works and source funding and implement the Iarowari-Sirinumu road upgrading at a cost of K15.6 million.

Other projects identified included the Goldie-Osabewai road; Sogeri road improvement; and the 14-Mile and Laloki water supply, estimated to cost K100,000.