Elementary school receives donations

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The National, Thursday July 14th, 2016

Sevese Morea Elementary School in the Moresby South electorate has been given a facelift at a cost of K2.26 million.
Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko has worked in partnership with NCD Governor Powes Parkop, Digicel Foundation and the school board to achieve this project.
Tkatchenko and Parkop contributed K900,000 each and Digicel Foundation contributed two double classrooms, two teacher’s offices, 160 desks, installation of electricity supply and a water tank at a cost of K460,000.
In an opening ceremony, Tketchenko acknowledged Parkop and Digicel Foundation for their contribution towards the facelift of the school.
“The challenge is now with the parents, to ensure that children come to school and also make sure they look after this facility,” Tketchenko said.
He also promised the community that his next project was to upgrade the Sevese Morea Primary School.
He also challenged the school chairman, Rahe Rau to take good care of the school.
“We don’t want to see graffiti on it, we don’t want it to see it run down, we want to see it maintained and looked after for the future generation,” Tkatchenko said.
Parkop said, the school project was not just transformation but they have indeed set a benchmark.
He said elementary education was the critical part of the development of young people.
Digicel Foundation chief executive officer, Beatrice Mauhuru said providing basic education to young children was one of the key focus areas of the foundation.
“The foundation believes, education is the greatest opportunity one can give to a child,” Mauhuru said.