Elementary teachers vital


I WRITE in support to our PEA’s Keith Jiram’s article in The National Call to help elementary teachers on April 15.
Elementary teachers have been neglected for far too long, this are some of the areas that needs to be looked into.
Teachers inspection, with changes to the system, that role was relieved from elementary trainers and passed on to standard officers who I have seen have delegated that duty to senior teachers (primary schools.)
Elementary teachers have been kicked like football back and forth without proper inspection therefore denying their rights for appraisals, pay rise and promotion.
The department needs to clarify to us elementary teachers, who’s responsibility to inspect elementary teachers and is funding available to assist them carry out the tasked.
Then why is it that we have not been visited by the trainers, standard officers or senior teacher for far too long.
I thank Keith Jiram for rising this issue which is important to determine our future in this humble profession.

Neglected lmn3 Tisa

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