Elite gives back to community

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 22nd, 2013

 ENGA has been spending millions of kina annually for the past 15 years educating its elites.

Now, its elites are returning home with knowledge as well as monetary benefits to their communities. 

Phillipus Kimala, a geologist from Teremanda village in Wabag district, was one of those who are giving something back to the community. 

Last Thursday, he accompanied Wabag MP Robert Ganim to the district where he donated K800 worth of plywoods to his local church, ALC Born Again Church.

Church pastor Zipiris Aen received the plywood on behalf of the congregation and thanked Kimala for his contribution. 

He said the plywood would help complete the interior walling of the new church building that was funded by the community.

The district administration had begun work on the new Wabag Day High School project.