Elites join hands to help LLG progress

National, Normal

The National, Monday November 4th, 2013

 THE new president of the Balopa local level government (LLG) in Manus is reaching out to elites from his LLG to assist with the formulation of development plans and initiatives for his people.

Ngenge Sasa started the approach last Sunday, with the convening of a Balopa LLG forum in Port Moresby.

 The meeting, themed: “Balopa Painim Save na Halivim” (Balopa seeking knowledge and help) saw many of prominent and professional Balopa elites in attendance.

A video documentation of the dire situation on the ground in the LLG emphasised the need for Sasa’s vision of inclusive participation for progress from all Balopa elites. 

Notable Balopa professionals and personalities include Justice Mark Sevua, Port Moresby Institute of Matriculation Studies founder-director Norman Sike and experienced senior bureaucrat Lemech Palaso, who all gave insights and suggestions on progressive development initiatives for the LLG.

Sevua impressed on the LLG’s mandate as the third-level government to legislate laws to curb increasing lawlessness in Balopa. 

He offered his services to help draft such laws for the LLG. 

Sike stressed the need for specifics in all development plans. He said too many generalisations in plans allowed for grey areas that encouraged misuse and wastage. 

“Specific details with set-out guidelines and timeframes combined with regular inspections and monitoring ensured successful and satisfactory results,” Sike said.

He stressed that in all endeavours, there was no substitute for competence. 

“Success is assured when competent people are identified and engaged to solve or complete specific tasks,” Sike said.

The forum resolved and set up four working committees for law and order, infrastructure, social sector and economy  membership.