Eluh wants civil servants back at work


ACTING Southern Highlands administrator Thomas Eluh says he hopes to reinstate public servants so that basic goods and services can reach people.
Eluh said he was not sure how to deal with political issues.
He said he would clean up the province’s public service machinery.
Eluh said all public servants’ performance in the province would be reviewed.
“If we look too much for the back door and under the table deals, then this will not solve anything at all,” he said.
“I don’t make deals under the table or from sideways.
“I want people to come straight and knock on my door. That is honesty.”
Eluh said public servants in the province were likely to resume their duties soon and would be screened after they left work due to election-related violence.
Eluh said he would also like to involve youths in programmes that would help them.