Embankment eyed as aid to waste disposal


THE Frieda River project may consider the embankment concept for the disposal of its waste, PanAust managing director Dr Fred Hess says.
An embankment is a wall or bank of earth or stone built to prevent a river from flooding an area.
“The concept of disposal waste, everybody feels concerned about and we certainly feel the same way,” Hess told the PNG Mining and Petroleum conference in Port Moresby yesterday.
“And I think what we have done is something that is relatively new to Papua New Guinea. What we are looking at is embankment in a river valley. And behind that bank, we will store all our waste as opposed to what has been done in Bougainville and Ok Tedi.
“Once again, the Sepik River is home to some 100,000 people downstream to where the project is, and water quality is important to all those people.”
He said 2018 would mark 50 years since the discovery of mineral at the Frieda River copper- gold project.
“And that tells you something about developing large mineral projects in places that are very remote,” Hess said.
“Our involvement commenced in 2014. If you able to look at the progress that we have made since 2014, what has been very positive is that we have essentially completed the feasibility study.
“We have submitted a special mining lease application, and that special mining lease application was our requirement for exploration license. It was launched towards the end of last year.”