Embarrasing performance


THE Kumuls’ performance in Melbourne against England was very embarrassing.
There were a lot of elementary errors from the start of the game.
Ball handling was extremely poor, as well as tackling.
Of course, mercurial playmaker David Mead went off the field due to head injuries sustained from a definite try-saving tackle.
Had he been on the field the situation may have been different.
The standouts for me were James Segeyaro, Luke Page, Rhys Martin, Moses Meninga, Kurt Baptiste and Paul Aiton.
Nene McDonald, Justin Olam and Stargraoth Amean shone in the backline.
The Boas brothers also did fine.
The guys not mentioned are not qualified to play at higher level.
Minoga is forever dropping balls.
Two easy tries came in the corners of Gary Lo and Kato Ottio.
It goes without saying that NRL clubs will not contact you guys to play in their teams.

Dave @ Goroka