Embassy conducts awareness on scholarship


THE American Embassy conducted an information and advising session for people wanting to pursue a master’s education in the United States through the Fulbright Scholarship.
Matilda Kapipi, the embassy’s emerging voice specialist, said such sessions were to advise and help applicants on how to apply for such opportunities.
“2019 statistics showed that there were more than 300 scholarship applicants but only six submitted their applications,” she said.
“Applicants just leave half way through their online applications and do not complete them, thus, we have started this session to advise and assist until applications are submitted.”
The meeting is held every time the Fulbright Scholarship is available online.


One thought on “Embassy conducts awareness on scholarship

  • Some scholarship application processes are too lengthy and complicated thus prospective applicants are discouraged to participate fully. Some information required like references or supporting letters from employers are difficult to get. Many employers are not willing to provide such letters or maybe don’t have time to write such letters. Can this be changed to make the application processes more friendlier?

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