Embel must resolve PNGRFL fight

Letters, Normal

THE appointment of Sports Minister Philemon Embel recently as the Pacific Islands Rugby League Federation chairman is a great show of confidence by other Pacific countries in what PNG can offer to the sport in the region.
We recently hosted the Pacific Cup and we are in the midst of making a bid to play in the NRL.
To ensure that everything falls into place, the PNGRFL must get its house in order.
The current power struggle between the old executives and the new one must be sorted out immediately for the good of rugby league in PNG.
We need prudent and transparent managers in the sport to achieve our vision in the near future, not only in rugby league, but in all sports.
If the in-fighting and power struggle were to continue, it will only send a wrong signal to all stakeholders of the sport.
As Sports Minister, Mr Embel must get the PNGRFL house in order.


John Hulum