Embel right to call for sacking of Juffa, Gene

Letters, Normal

THIS is in response to a letter by “Gigs” (The National, Nov 17).
The writer described Sports Minister Philemon Embel’s call to sack Gary Juffa and Stanley Gene as visionless and clueless.
Does that mean the minister does not know what he is doing?
He made the call as a result of the failure by Juffa as interim PNGRFL chairman and Gene as Kumul coach at the Four Nations tournament.
Juffa could have humbled himself and cooperate with the national selection committee and former coach Adrian Lam.
He did not and Lam quit.
Gene, whom I admired as a professional international league player and ambassador, did not humble himself either.
He could have asked Lam to reconsider his decision or asked to be Michael Marum’s assistant.
They both did not any of the above and deserved to be sacked.
The ARL sacked Wayne Bennet after the 2005 Tri-Nations loss to the Kiwis and also sacked Ricky Stuart for the loss to Kiwis in the 2008 World Cup.
Maybe Tim Sheens will follow suit in the near future.
I think it is high time that we start taking drastic actions to get the desired results. 
Bring back Lam and our boys from overseas. 
Embel did what was required of him.


Right man
Port Moresby