Embel stands by Bid board

Normal, Sports

PNGNRL Bid chairman and Minister for Sports Philemon Embel has gone into bat for the current PNGNRL Board and management team saying it has his full backing and confidence.
In a press release sent out yesterday from the Bid office in Port Moresby, Embel reiterated his strong belief in the board led by Bid manageress Beverly Broughton.
He acknowlegded that certain members of the bid team could not work together and but said all had been given a fair hearing and basically the same offer by the Government-sanctioned project.
He said positions on the board were “honorary” and as such did not entail excessive perks and privileges as had been rumoured.
He admitted though that former director Mal Meninga had chosen not to accept the new position offered to him under the streamlining process but denied this would affect the board or the bid.
Embel said this was Meninga’s prerogative but PNGNRL Bid would still continue its work in preparing its bid for entry into the NRL by 2013.
He went to say that another factor in the board’s restructuring was because he could not justify the expenditure of funds on the board in its current state and therefore, decided to make changes.