Embrace change, people told


WESTERN Highlands provincial police commander Chief Inspector Jacob Kamiak has urged the people to embrace progress so they and their children can benefit from it.
Kamiak made the statement last Friday at Lumusa, in the Mul-Baiyer electorate, after visiting the area to encourage landowners where the Baptist Union is located to clear a path for development so that changes could reach them.
Kamiak’s message came after the landowners had a minor issue over where to build a new high school in Lumusa.
According to the locals, the school would be built where the Baptist Union station was so that children did not have to go to other districts for schooling.
Kamiak said the school would help the people and their children and it would boost cashflow and bring in other changes as well.
He said this news was welcome and the locals had to make sure the school was built.
“I came here personally because I would like to make sure police presence is there to solve such disputes,” Kamiak said.
“This is my job to carry out such awareness to encourage you to respect changes and developments because that will help you to improve your life.”
Kamiak said the school would benefit the children of Lumusa because travelling far was risky.
He said people should understand the importance of basic services. “Health, education, road and bridges are the very important areas which will connect you to the rest of the province and country,” he said.
Kamiak urged the people to start cooperating so they could benefit from development projects.
Lumusa is in a remote area on the border of Western Highlands and Enga provinces.
“This school is now opening the door for services to reach you so that your children can benefit from it,” he said. “You cannot take your money to Mt Hagen and spend it there all the time. Instead you have to have plans to spend it back in your village; that is when development starts to reach your areas. Basic services delivered by the government or any organisation are here to stay to help you and children in future.”

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