Embrace unity, develop human resources: GG

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PARTICIPATION, commitment and sacrifice will generate success and prosperity for the nation, Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae says in his independence anniversary message.
“We must do all we can, whether it be at the national, provincial or community level to support and encourage our fellow countrymen and women break free from the shackles of misery, poverty, and violence,” he said.
“Our nation will make significant progress if we are serious about developing our human resource.
“Because it is our human resource that will guarantee long term success of our nation, not the money we get from our natural resources.
“The country’s journey towards success and prosperity can be achieved through unity because there is certainty in future where there is unity.”
“Our journey as a nation since gaining independence on Sept 16, 1975, has been one of discovery, imperfection and trial and error along the way, but one that has also been marked with jubilation, achievement and pride.
“As a nation, PNG has progressed in many areas, including representation in the international arena and earning employment in foreign countries, holding top positions in the fields of aviation, science and academia, agriculture as well in international forums.”
Sir Bob said PNG servicemen and diplomats in foreign lands performed outstandingly with courage and pride and were some of the best in the region.
He reassured a shared vision to be smart, wise, healthy, wealthy and a happy country.
The governor-general is in Kerema today to celebrate the country’s independence with the people of Gulf and at the same time initiate and officiate in a number of events and ceremonies.
He is accompanied by Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta to visit the graveyards of his predecessors and former governor-generals Sir Tore Lokoloko and Sir Serei Eri at Iokea respectively.
Sir Bob will attend a traditional initiation ceremony into the Itou-Aisi chieftaincy of Iokea village.
The ceremony will be carried out by village elders and Haiveta.
Sir Bob will then open a rural health facility house and officiate at a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new Hiae clan elavo (traditional ceremonial house).
He will also host an investiture ceremony for the presentation of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals to 300 people.

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