Embracing changes to be part of new normal, says Chow


EMBRACING changes in sports is going to be the part of the “new normal” in the country, says Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation board chairman Ian Chow.
He said while the world was slowly restoring normalcy over the Covid-19 pandemic, sports in PNG would undergo changes to fall in line with the foundation’s new protocol.
“As the world strives to return to normalcy, sports in PNG will also be returning to a ‘new normal’,” Chow said.
“The board of the foundation extends our gratitude to Dr Kapua Kapua, who was appointed as our chief medical officer, for developing our Covid-19 protocol.”
On Tuesday, Kapua reminded representatives from national sports federations to be prepared for the coming months as there was little still known about the virus.
“I have been talking to a lot of chief medical officers from other sports and this is unprecedented for all of us,” he said.
“They’re having the same predicament that we’re having now.
“How do we go about it? How do we resume our sports? How do we set up new seasons?
“We’re sharing ideas with each other, trying to get the best outcome to go through this year and prepare for next year.
“With the new normal, how do we prepare for next year?
“It is not something that we are used to.
“It’s something new so we all have to work together to make it happen.”

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