Emil’s family forgives

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The National – Friday, February 11, 2011

THE grieving family of former Kumul rugby league star Aquila Emil yesterday said they held no animosity against his alleged killer and would let God himself pass judgement.
Emil’s elder sister Margaret Worri told The National that they were from a Christian, God-fearing family from Umbukul village on New Hanover, New Ireland, and forgave Emil’s killer.
She said this was the way their late father, a United church pastor, raised them up and would have wanted it this way.
Worri and Emil’s widow, Marieta, from Babaka village outside Port Moresby, both broke down and wept.
“We will forgive and let God himself be the judge,” Worri said.
“I know that if dad was here, he would say the same thing.
“Aquila had love for his children, for his brothers and sisters.
“He is gone but his legacy will live on.
“Aquila was a peace-maker not violent.”
Emil, 43, is survived by his wife and five children Jr Aquila (23), Vavine (20), Martha (16), Rupa Penias (12) and Tau Vaitas (10).
His widow, Marieta, was  in a state of shock.
“I love him so much,” she said.
“He was a good father. He never beat up the children or argued with me.”
Hundreds of people, including Emil’s former Port Moresby Brothers’, Vipers’, and Kumul rugby league teammates have been flocking to the haus krai at Gordon this week.
His funeral service is expected to be conducted next week.