Employ people on merit


EMPLOYEES in public departments practice bribery and nepotism which result in the unfair provision of services.
Qualified employees previously engaged transparently with people.
However, today it is done through “whom you know” basis or else “pay job” and get employed.
Papua New Guineans graduate with skills and knowledge in various fields.
Only a few get employed while many are still roaming the streets because their spaces are occupied by “unskilled” and “empty heads”.
This has caused genuine employees to become street vendors.
You can be a university or college graduate or have experience but your skills and qualification alone cannot afford you employment.
I was once told by an American that: “Papua New Guineans are undisciplined human beings on earth”.
I was shocked.
He said the Americans employment criteria was based on “what you know” – skills and qualification basis.
Whereas for us PNG, we reversed the system.
The government provided the higher education loan programme (Help), however has not created job opportunities. Corruption is deeply rooted and will take time to be eradicated.
I appeal to law and order enforcement agencies to take action to contain this practice.

Affected Youth

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