Employers warned not to force workers to get vaccines


Controller of the Covid-19 National Pandemic Response David Manning has warned employers not to force their workers to take the Covid-19 vaccine.
The National understands that several companies have issued an ultimatum to their employees to take the vaccine or face termination.
Manning said while the companies had a say on who was to take the vaccine, it should not be forced on any employee.
“Taking the vaccine will determine what is an acceptable risk for them, also an unacceptable risk,” Manning said.
“It should not compel them to force their employees to take the vaccination.
“It’s against government policy.
“The vaccination is voluntary, not mandatory.
“They will be committing an offence against the measure.”
Manning said a new Covid-19 measure would be issued on what employers should be going about in ensuring their staff were vaccinated.
He told The National that any employee facing an issue with their employer in relation to the vaccine should “write to us”.
“I encourage them to put their concerns in writing and we will attend to the matter,” he said.