Empower Bougainville


BOUGAINVILLE President Ishmael Toroama should split Bougainville into special free trade zones or economic corridors and encourage manufacturing and downstream processing for all our commodities.
Develop and declare three seaports and airports of Buka, Kieta, and Buin into world-class international entry and exit ports.
Redevelop Arawa town, which will become the capital city of Bougainville.
Satellite towns should be built in all the districts of Bougainville.
This is to ensure Bougainville has a strong currency and will allow trade with other economies.
Ensure the central bank of Bougainville looks after and manages all the wealth of Bougainville, including Bougainville’s sovereign wealth fund.
No foreign banks should look after and manage the wealth of Bougainville, the central bank of Bougainville should do it.
The people should not be paper-figure observers, but be real custodians and managers of their wealth.
Any foreign countries that want to have monetary trade with Bougainville should come and do it in Bougainville.
With these suggestions, I hope Bougainville becomes an economic power in the Pacific.
Bougainville can assist other countries in terms of development.
It can provide aid to other countries.
It should build world-class research institutions, health and education institutions.
Bougainville will not necessarily need a sophisticated military force to protect its national security because it will use niche diplomacy as a national security tool.
It will only have a paramilitary unit in its police service to ensure the safety of everyone and to respond to other internal security matters.

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